Contemplation: Only the Crucified are Truly Alive


My book explores contemplative prayer, the ancient practice of waiting on God in silent wordless prayer. In it I discuss my own spiritual journey, delve into the rich but frequently overlooked treasury of what the Bible says about contemplative prayer, and include a short history of the practice.

Most books on this subject have been and continue to be written by Catholic writers, and I owe them a ton of gratitude and my deepest respect; they have taught me so much! The main practitioners of this type of prayer have up to now been Catholic, Orthodox, Episcopal, and Methodist believers. But I see God beginning to bring contemplative prayer and spirituality to the evangelical world as well—I guess I’m sort of a forerunner of that movement—and I feel called to help carry it forward. I also feel that writing from my evangelical background contributes a fresh perspective on the subject.

As a writer, I feel called to cover the things I’m passionate about, and writing about contemplative spirituality is something I feel I simply have to do—as much as anything else I’ve ever done.

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